Intense Pulsed Light – Intensive Pulsed Light Therapy

What is capillary cracking?

Capillary fractures can be defined as the enlargement of dilated vessels near the skin surface.

What causes of capillary cracking on the face?

The capillary cracks on the face can be defined as the spread of the enlarged vessels at the skin surface.

are the causes of capillary cracking on the face.

What are the treatment areas of the Capillary with IPL laser?

There are 5 treatment areas of the Capillary with IPL laser;

This treatment is also an effective treatment method that can be applied in vascular redness, birth rash and hemangiomas due to vascular fractures in the face.

What can Lotus Dermatology do for you? / How capillary cracking are treated with IPL laser?

IPL is as effective as a laser but with less side effects than laser. In this laser method, the filtered light is applied to the skin through the crystal sapphire hood. Light, which is reaching under the skin, damages the tissue without damaging the skin. Thus, only the target tissue is treated. In the local vein and stain treatment is continued local.

How long does a capillary therapy with IPL laser last?

How long the laser treatment lasts, depends on how common the responses and cracks are.

IPL, light damaged (photo damaged) skin 3-4 sessions between 3-4 sessions are applied. One session lasts 10-30 minutes.

Is there a pain in the capillary treatment with IPL laser?

The local anesthetic creams applied before the application and the cooling system applied to the device reduce the feeling of pain.

What kind of results should you expect after capillary treatment wıth IPL laser?

At the end of IPL treatment, an increase in the skin’s hyaluronic acid level will result in an increase in skin moisture, an increase in collagen and elastic fibers, resulting in a dense skin. Lotus dermatologist Eda Tiftikçi and Tuğba Türe have high level medical experience and they are an expert at latest technologies. Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi have successful results in capillary treatment wıth IPL laser.