What is Mesotherapy Treatment?

Mesotherapy Treatment is used in skin resurfing, skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment, slimming, hair treatment, skin cracks, blemishes and some skin diseases.

How Mesotherapy Treatment is applied?

Mesotherapy Treatment is a method of injecting special mixtures of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, minerals and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin by microinjection technique.

What is Mesotherapy Treatment used for?

A beauty treatment widely popular amongst women worldwide, mesotherapy deeply hydrates the skin and induces radiant skin.  Based on high concentrates of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, these powerful blends of active ingredients promote an intense regeneration of collagen and act as a booster of overall health to the skin. With multiple sessions, the complexion abandons its dull appearance to regain youth, vitality and radiance.

In which cases is mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy application;

Many treatments are used in the treatment of skin rejuvenation, skin toning and skin wrinkles. When mesotherapy is combined with other treatment methods, much faster results are obtained.

And also mesotherapy is preferred by men and women for a more radiant and healthy skin appearance on special days.

Which age is suitable for mesotherapy treatment?

Applicable at all ages. Especially, it is very effective in preventing the symptoms of old age when it is started to the age of 30 years.

In which areas mesotherapy treatment is applied?

Mesotherapy can be used as cosmetic in face, hair and body applications. It is also used in the treatment of dermatological diseases such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, hair diseases and itchy skin rashes.

What is the purpose of mesotherapy treatment in face and neck applicaiton?

According to the content of the substance applied, the recovery of the skin, sagging, elasticity and resistance is intended to increase is called mezolift. It is called mesoglow when it is made to achieve a brighter appearance.

What is mesobotox?

Mesobotox is the name given to the application of low doses of botox to the whole face. It can be applied to any face. But it is especially preferred for thinner skin and weaker muscle structures. By this method, it is aimed to decrease the thin wrinkles while protecting the natural mimics of the person. Mesobotox regulates the operation of the sebaceous glands by reducing the opening pores. This makes the skin look brighter and more vivid.

What is hair mesotherapy? Applied in what conditions?

Hair mesotherapy stimulates the regrowth of weakening hair. In addition to nutrients such as biotin, hyaluronic acid and silica to control hair growth and hair loss, it is applied as a combination of vitamins and substances that increase blood circulation in hair follicles. These mixtures are applied in small doses directly to the hair follicles.

What is body mesotherapy?

Body mesotherapy can be divided into two parts such as cellulite mesotherapy and body shaping.

Cellulite is a cosmetic problem affecting 85-90% of adult women. There is no definite information about how cellulite is formed. Cellulite is not seen only in overweight individuals. It is thought to be due to hormonal factors. In cellulitis treatment, mesotherapy is applied in addition to sports and diet.

How long does mesotherapy treatment last?

Mesotherapy usually takes 3-6 sessions, depending on the examination of the person. Applicaiton takes average of 15 minutes. You can return to your normal life after 1 hour sensitivity.

How mesotherapy treatment is applied?

In mesotherapy application, a mixture of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids is injected under the skin with very thin needles. By directly injecting this beneficial mixture into the epidermis, the collagen and elastin production of the skin is increased. In this way, the skin renews itself and increases the humidity.

What is the side effect of mesotherapy treatment?

In the treatment of mesotherapy, there is no risk of side effects.

How long does mesotherapy effects last?

The effect of mesotherapy lasts for 1 year.

What are the advantages of mesotherapy application?

Visible results, a natural look, no downtime, and best of all avoid going under the knife! Anti-aging, anti-pollution, radiance boosting… Different serums for different needs, everyone will find what they are looking for. A deep energy boost guaranteed, and visible results from the first session!

When mesotherapy combined with laser, radiofrequency or IPL, more successful results are obtained.

To whom mesotherapy treatment can not be applied?


What is our Dermatology Doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi’s comments on mesotherapy treatment?

Do not rely information on the internet regarding to the method of treatment without having an examination by dermatology doctors. You can contact our dermatologist Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi if you have any questions or for the examination.

How much does mesotherapy treatment costs?

Mesotherapy treatment prices vary depending on the region to be applied and the treatment process. If you have any questions about treatment, you can immediately make an appointment with our Dermatology doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi.