Genital Wart Treatment

What is genital wart?

Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Genital warts affect both men and women, but women are more vulnerable to complications. Genital warts can be treated, but the underlying infection can come back unless treated.

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

The probability of genital warts in the whole population is 1% or 2%. It is most commonly observed between the ages of 18 and 25 with active sexual ages. Genital warts are transmitted through sexual activity, including oral, vaginal and anal sex. You may not start developing warts a few weeks or months after infection.

Genital warts cannot always be seen by human eyes. They can be very small and color of the skin or they may be slightly darker. The summit of growth resembles a cauliflower and feels smooth or slightly bumpy to the touch. They may appear as wart clusters or just a wart.

Which areas of the body are the genital warts occur?

Genital warts in men, penis, scrotum, groin, calves, or around the anus can be seen. In women, it can be seen in the vagina or the anus, or outside and in the neck.

Genital warts can also be seen in the lips, mouth, tongue or throat of a person with oral sexual contact with an infected person.

Even if you cannot see genital warts, they can still cause symptoms such as vaginal discharge, itching, bleeding, and burning.

How is genital wart treatment done?

In the treatment of genital warts, surgical excision (excision of the lesion), criotherapy (freezing), laser, cautery and antiviral creams are the most common treatment methods. Surgical treatments are mostly applied in cases where warts are heavily clumped.

What are the types of genital wart treatment?

If the genital warts spread or expands, they may be discomfort and even painful. After the treatment of genital warts, a specialist should be consulted and treatment should be started as soon as possible. With the increasing technological developments in recent years, genital wart treatment types have increased.

  • Electrocaerating (Electrocoagulation, electric burning)

Bipolar cautery and HPV foci are burned under local anesthesia. It is the most valid treatment modality accepted today.

It is ideal for the elimination of the condyloma of the genital system which we call external genital organs. Most of the time it is possible to eliminate all of the focus in one session. The treatment process is short.

  • Cryotherapy (Ice Cream)

Cryotherapy is the process of freezing the lesion and lesion environment with liquid nitrogen. This is one of the successful methods such as electrocoagulation. Cryotherapy is a very effective method which is more painless and easier to apply than electrocautery method. Most of the time does not require anesthetic agent. Cryotherapy can also be used to freeze anogenital warts that occur during pregnancy.

  • CO2 (Carbon dioxide) laser ablation

Wart treatment can be provided effectively by carbon dioxide (CO2) based laser destruction. Burning of warts with carbon dioxide laser is a bit more expensive than other treatment methods. However, its effectiveness is also quite high. There is also very little chance of staying. We often prefer laser treatments for genital wart treatments made by us. The procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia.

  • Chemical destruction

Acids such as biconcaic acid, trichloroacetic acid, podophylline and podophyllotoxin are also used for chemical destruction, but these substances are also substances with irritant effect on healthy skin. Therefore, chemical destruction is not recommended.

Is safe sexual intercourse possible after genital wart treatment?

Genital warts can be fully cured after various treatment methods. However, the HPV virus, under the skin, people have a risk of transmitting their sexual partner even after the treatment. Therefore, in the case of genital warts, it is recommended to vaccinate partners with Gardasil.

What do our Dermatology Doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi say for the treatment of genital warts?

Do not rely on the information on the Internet about what kind of treatment and how to do without face-to-face examination. For this reason, you can contact our dermatology doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi.

What do our Dermatologists Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi say about the prices of Genital Wart Treatment?

Genital wart treatment prices, the cost of genital wart treatment and the question of which genital wart treatment is needed; You will find answers by our dermatologist doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi after the examination.