Hair Loss and Treatment

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons like, polycystic ovary, iron deficiency, anemia, hormonal disorders, and stress. Average 50-100 hair loss per day is considered to be normal, but a higher hair loss and head skin bald thinning is a disease that needs treatment.

What are the causes of hair loss?

The hair loss may be caused by many several reasons. It must be searched any possible metabolic disease in the subject, including but not limited to the polycystic over, pregnancy, iron or zinc deficiency, anemia, hormonal disorders and irregular and inadequate nutrition, inactivity, stress.

Hair loss can be seen in men and women for different reasons. Hair loss which is more common in men, usually develops due to hormones.

Male pattern hair loss is frequently encountered in women and young girls aged 16-18 years. In such cases, determined treatment success can be increased by the addition of hormonal treatments to the treatment.

Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, lichen, and fungus also cause hair loss.

Eating habits also affect the structure of the hair. With balanced nutrition, this problem can be largely eliminated.

Especially in women, menstrual irregularities, excessive hair growth (hirsutism), excessive weight gain, and the cause of the hair loss is the hormonal cause.

Diseases such as triot and adrenal diseases and contraceptives, diabetes, weight loss pills, used hormone supplements can cause hair loss.

Hair loss can be seen in mothers after birth.

Hair loss occurs in chemotherapy patients. After this treatment, the problem of hair loss is eliminated.

Stressful living conditions can cause hair problems.

The duration of hair loss in a healthy person continues for up to 2 months and can be repeated periodically throughout the year. If this period is longer, it should be taken seriously.

Which vitamins is deficient in hair loss?

Vitamins and minerals deficiency which affect hair structure like B12, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin, zinc and iron causes hair loss.

What is good for hair loss?

Water consumption can cause hair dryness and dandruff. Therefore, water consumption should be increased. Also, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements are good for hair loss.

How long does it take to treat hair loss?

The life cycle of a healthy hair is in 3 stages.

-Anagen phase; it is the period when hair is alive and continues to grow. It takes 2-7 years.

-Catagen phase; it is the period of hair growth stop. It takes a couple of weeks.

-Telogen phase; it is the period of hair loss. It takes a few months.

Hair follicles can also be found in different stages. 85-90% of the hair is in the anagen phase, 1-2% of is in the catagen phase and 10-15% of is in the telogen phase. In the growth phase, hair grows an average of 1 cm each month and completes this stage. After this stage the hair goes to rest and after 2-3 weeks the hair begins to fall off. So hair loss treatment process may vary between 6-12 months.

What can Lotus Dermatology do for you? / How is hair loss treated?

It is essential to investigate what is the main problem for hair loss. Treatment options for hair loss evaluated by a dermatologist are organized for the cause and general hair health. Although remedies promising to restore hair to balding heads have been around since ancient times, most men and women with thinning hair can do little to reverse the process.

For cosmetic purposes, or after hair loss from surgical or drug treatments, many people turn to wigs, hairpieces, and hair weaving. Some people get tattoos to simulate lost eyebrows and eyelashes.

Certain drugs may slow hair loss, and alternative treatments may bolster the health of remaining hair, but no treatment is likely to replace a full head of hair. When early treatment is started with applications such as mesotherapy and PRP, the rate of hair loss may be slowed down.

What is our Dermatology Doctors Eda Tiftikçi and Tuğba Türe’s comments on hair loss treatment?

The dermatology department looks at hair loss problem. It is recommended that you do not trust the information on the Internet without any face-to-face medical examination. You can contact our dermatologist Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi if you have any questions or for the examination.

How much does hair loss cost?

Hair loss treatment prices are vary depending on applied method and the treatment process. If you have any questions about Keloid treatment, you can immediately make an appointment with our Dermatology doctors Tuğba Türe and Eda Tiftikçi.