Moles and Tracking

Moles are melanocyte clusters containing the melanin pigment that gives the color of the skin.

In general, moles are 5 mm in diameter, the net is clear, oval-round, domed and pink, dark brown and ten-color. An average of 10-40 pieces in an adult person I can find. Moles may be born or may be at an age. May occur in the moles.

Which moles are dangerous?

With regular monitoring of fuzzy moles, they may notice early boxes. And you can find those who are at risk for cancer. There is a risk that species of species can easily develop into sun melanoma lesions that can develop sunburn and do not possess sensitive species. In this respect, if a person has or has had such symptoms, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately.

Is it harmful to my mind?

It is possible to get rid of the simple and correct studies of those who bother me. I believe there is a risk that these moles will disappear with the disappearance of them. A dermotoscopic examination with my computer should be performed to ensure validation and risk. According to this, the structure of benign, cancer risk to collect.

What is the price of mole tracking?

The diagnosis and behavior of the patients should be consulted by dermatology specialists. Moles should be evaluated by dermatoscopic examination. The prices you defined for evaluating the application.

What does our Dermatology Doctors Eda Tiftikçi and Tuğba Türe say?

You do not trust the online guidelines for topics such as which clinics to do. Appropriate treatment protocols are determined with one-to-one examination. For detailed information and appointment is Lotus Dermatology.